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Welcome to hotel Slavija

With its ideal location, the hotel Slavija allows you to explore the magic of life in the old town center, which is like an open museum. The hotel is surrounded by the narrow stone streets so-called “kala” that lead to the most famous cultural and historical parts of the city of Split such as Vestibul, Peristil, Jupiter’s temple, Western gates, the Milesi palace,…

The historic core of Split with the Slavija hotel within is almost a museum in the open, the spectator can enjoy sightseeing many of the traces of life inside one urban area, from the ancient time, though the middle ages to the modern age.

History of the hotel

Slavija is the hotel with the longest continuity of work inside the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, which is one of the most important structures of late antique architecture in Europe. Hotel is located in the private, southern part of Diocletian’s Palace, above the emperor’s private baths. The visitors would be able to view the traces of antique wall, arches and stone.

The recent history of the building can be traced back to the late 16th and early 17th century, when above mentioned Western Diocletian’s bahts, built in the 4th century, the renaissance – baroque palace Brešan was built, which at the beginning of the 20th century has become hotel Slavija. Hotel Slavija at that time hosts some of the most famous writers, politicians and actors. The first major renovation of the hotel happened a decade later, in 1926., when two new floors were constructed on the building. The hotel had 35 luxury rooms then. The modern design of the hotel was interesting to citizens of Split, and the big news for the city of Split was the central heating and water pipes in the rooms.


Slavija today

Hotel building is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia as national cultural heritage, and its location within the Diocletian’s palace at the same time provides UNESCO protection as an international monument of culture. That’s why the hotel, in cooperation with conservators, preserved the original exterior appearance completely. The interior of the hotel during the recent renovation is a combination of modern decor and late antique architecture.

Late Renaissance stairs with grape vine relief, clusters, flowers, and angels with a trumpet lead to the entrance to the hotel and above the entrance are rooms with renaissance balconies.

The hotel has 25 rooms located on four floors. The floors are connected by elevator and staircase, allowing the guest to discover a part of the history of Split with every new step, looking at the antique or medieval remains on the walls.

With an ideal location in the heart of the city of Split, close to the historical sights of the town, such as St. Duje cathedral, Milesi palace, Jupiter’s temple and unique historical heritage, the hotel is unique for its rooms with small Renaissance balconies and spacious terraces. Rooms with terraces are very interesting to guests, especially in the summer when the city is overcrowded and it is difficult to experience all the magic of Split from the inside. From these terraces you can have a different experience of Split, in a more intimate, romantic way. Rooms with the terraces are located on two floors, in a beautiful space between the city streets and old roofs, squares overlooking the Marjan hill, Jupiter’s temple, the bell tower of St. Duje and so on.

Almost every room inside the Slavija hotel is marked by the remains of beautiful antique walls, arches and pillars, and the fact that the hotel is located in the part of the Palace with Diocletian’s private apartment gives additional mysticism to the hotel.


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