Žrnovnica is a river that, just as Jadro, has a spring in the bottom of the Mosor river, and has a 4,8 kilometres long flow  – through the village of the same name, and ends in the Adriatic sea next to Stobrec, southeast of Split.

This river has many riverfalls and runs swift, the upper part of the stream is pretty much inacessible to humans and very well preserved, and is rich in fish (eels, trouts and the soft-muzzled trout – salmothymus obtusirostris salonitana), which makes the river very popular for fishing.

The river also had many mills in which grains were processed info flour, but none of them are preserved. The lower part of the riverflow has a promenade, so the location is a part of a walking route of those who want to stroll to relax, or the ones that are really into hiking and nordic walking.