Vis is positioned to the south from Split, it is furthest from the land of all of the inhabited Middle Dalmatia islands, together with Biševo. It is approx 45 kilometers away from Split and is well connected with ferries and speedboats all year round, while in the summer months is also connected to Ancona by a speedboat.

The locals tend to many winyards on the island and except for the wine production they also have a long tradition as fishermen. Make sure to try the fish dishes offered in the island’s konobas, similar to taverns, and pair them with a choice of bottled or house wine offered. The people that are into wine may want to plan a visit to some of the numerous wineries on the island, winery Podšpilje located in the village of the same name, in the southwest of the island,  to name just one of them.

Vis is the island that offers it all – very good, authentic and traditional food and wine, many fantastic and astonishing beaches and bays – the Srebrna, Milna and Stiniva immediately come to mind as they’re never forgotten once you get the chance to see them. Together with those, one would definitely want to do a short trip to the nearby island Biševo, famous for it’s Blue cave, a cave accessible by sea, an absolute nature’s gem that will impress you with the shades of blue coming from the sunlight that reflects trough the underwater passages. On the nearby island Ravnik, on the southeast island close to Vis, there’s the very popular Green cave. Speleology aficionados will also want to visit the Teuta’s cave, also called the Queen’s cave, located in the island’s north.

Horseback riding, diving and wine tours are offered as activities on the island, but the island is widely popular as a bicycle riding destination.

Vis is a host of the Fishermen’s night, a local public festival held in town Komiža every first Saturday in August. In the 2016. it would be the 30th anniversary of the festival. As always, the locals are promising fun times trough vocal artists and musicians performances in song and dance, with good food and wine.

The island was inhabited centuries ago and the history books from the time of the ancient Greece mention the town Issa. In the recent history, the island was hosting a large military base and due to the presence of the army, it was not really very relevant for the tourists visits.