Trekking is a physical activity that inclusdes walking, hiking or running on most diverse of tnatural terrains and vegetation systems – mountains, hills, islands or plains; on marked or unmarked trails, only with the help of a map, a compass, mandatory neccessary equipment, food and water – and without the help of the motorized or other means of movement – except one’s own feet.

Trekking races differ in length and can be held on various natural areas, under various weather conditions and in different seasons. The rules of the trekking race dictate that the competitors have to pass by all the control points in the way defined in the trekking race rulebook in a certain amount of time. The competitor that goes trough all the control points and did not violate any of the rules stated in the race rule book is the winner. All the races are divided in three levels of difficulty and tailored to the demands sof the recreational persons, the sports amateurs, top sportsmen tourists and countryside lovers. In concept, trekking is a version of trailing, different in such a way that it has an officialy marked trail, refreshment points, and the competitors do not need find their way using compass or a map, or carry additional food or water supplies.