Approximately 73 kilometres of coastline belongs to the city of Split and more than 37 kilometres of the coastal strip with beaches furbished with most common services. Split has a total of 14 km of beaches.

Bačvice beach is located closest to the city centre, and only 10 minutes of an easy stroll away from the hotel. One can get to the other beaches also by walking, or by bike, bus, motorbike and car.

Bačvice beach is a natural phenomenon, a sandy beach in the heart of the city, just next to the city harbour. With the appearance of spring ebb tides, Bačvice become Split’s Copacabana, where a lot of known footballers have begun their careers, where Split rugby was born, where picigin is played during winter and summertime. Today, Bačvice are a favourite place for a nice stroll to all citizens, and quite a popular nightlife spot of the young people.

Located on the northeastern part of Marjan. Partly a sandy beach, located in a pine forest, thus offering everyone a natural and welcome shade during summer months. A restaurant, tennis courts, children’s playground, showers and cabins are the features that make it ideal for all visitors. A part of the beach has been modified to be suitable for use by people with disabilities.

From the southwestern part of the Marjan hill there is a beautiful view of the Kašjuni beach which is located in it’s base. This popular Split beach is wery famous for it’s gravel covered beach, and it also has other features as the bars and cabins. It is especially popular among families with children and the younger people.

Kaštelet and Ježinac
Two adjacent gravel beaches that are also located in the base of the Marjan hill. Not only that they are popular among the people with younger children, they are often visited by the young and old also. As the majority of other beaches, here too the caffe bars, showers and cabins are available.

No other city has the lungomare, a walking route along the saside, as Split does! From the cape Punta Marjan, the Oceanography Institute, walking by the saside you can get all the way to the eastern city sea borders: Bačvice, Ovčice, Firule, Zenta, Trstenik, Duilovo…. The Firule beach, by tradition, with their fine sand beaches, attract mothers with children.

The Trstenik beach is positioned on the eastern side of Split, rightr next to Zenta and Žnjan beach. A gravel beach with a mild lope entering to the sea, ideal for families with children. Recently renovated part of the beach of the Radisson Blu hotel offers a VIP treatment to the visitors as well. The beach has the Blue flag award.

Žnjan beach is located between the Trstenik beach on the west and Duilovo on the east. It has become very popular among the people of our city with the visit of the Pope, John Paul the Second, in 1998. Apart from being a very popular area for a nice and relaxing walk along the seashore and a place for recreational activities of fellow townsmen, it has a lot of caffe and cocktail bars, playgrounds, trampolines etc.