Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a competitive sport in which the climber uses only his own body to advance – without technical aids, and the equipment used serves only one purpose – to provide security to the climber. It is a form of free climbing on a rock, with the security and saefty of the climber being the one of the most important factors.
The goal of the rock climbing is climbing over the difficult details of a rock, regardless of it’s height.
There are a few rock climbing societies in sSplit, and it should not come as a surprise because the Split climbers enthusiasts have organized the First state competition on Marjan hill in 1986., caled “marjan 86”. It was organised by the Croatian rock climbing society “Mosor” and it was also the 4th competitive event in the world, held on a natural rock.

Some of the most beautiful rock climbing sites in our sorroundings are:

Marjan – one of the original sites of the croatian rock climbing. Due to the almost ideal microclimate that allows climbing even during the coldest days of winter, the beautiful natural surroundings of the park forest Marjan, and only 15 minutes of walk from the city centre, Marjan is one of the most popular sites. It is with a reason that it is called a rock climbers oasis! Mostly the routes are of the easy and medium difficulty, and of the approximately 80 existing, all of them are top quality.
Markezina Greda – a rock climbing site above Klis with approximately 90 routes, mostly those with difficulty labeled as medium and hard.
Zagrađe (Mosor) – or “Texas”, as the local climbers like to call it, currently offers more than 50 boulder routes, both acceptable to a beginner and to an experienced climber. It offers labyrinths of limestone rocks of diverse shapes and heights, positioned in untouched natural beauty, seemingly kilometres away from the civilisation.
Čiovo – the south side of the Čiovo island, in Split territorial waters, has great DWS potential, and is one of the best DWS (deep water solo) climbing sites in Croatia.
Omiš – a selection of more than 40 routes on a total of 7 climbing sites guarantees an interesting and exciting climber’s vacation. Difficulty of the routes ranges from easiest, beginner’s to most difficult orientations. In other words, the position of the routes regarding the four sides of the world is diverse and allows the whole day climbing activity, offering even the places in the shade, which is valuable during the hot summer months. Together with the classic, sports routesthere is a couple of “big wall” routes more than 300m high.
Brela – for a rock climbing site, a fairly hich rock offers a wide selection of routes mostly of medium difficulty, even though there are a few of the easy ones. Rock slates that demand precision and endurance are a main characteristic of this site. This rock’s potential was discovered by the austrian climber Christian Hacker. We should thank him and his friends for preparing all the routes.

Note: info presented on this page is informative in character. If you decite to try out rock climbing, or are an experienced climber, please contact us on in order to receive contact info of the climbers associations in Split. This way you’d be able to get the most relevant info that could decrease the chances of potential accidents.