Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the activities that may be enjoyed by the young and old, people with and without experience, children, even people with disabilities. This is one of the activities, apart from just being a source of fun, that also has a therapeutic effect, either in fighting against stress that we all are victims of, or as a part of a whole therapy for people with disabilities. Children have most fun when riding ponies.

In the Split area, horseback riding – therapeutical one, recreational or a riding school, is offered in a few different locations: Kosute near Sinj, Radunic near Ogorje Donje, in Trilj etc.

While riding through the fascinating landscapes of the Dalmatian Zagora, you will be passing though the unvisited and unexplored natural beauty, gallop through the fields, cross over rivers, creating yet another unforgettable memory of your vacation in Croatia.