Photo safari

Because of the beautiful nature that is found all over the Dalmatian area, there are many options to enjoy a photo-safari tour, each of them quite a lot different then the other one. This activity is very interesting to the nature lovers, and because the beautiful locations it includes, it has an anti-stress effect to the participants. The mesmerizing landscapes found in the photo-safari tour are objects of beautiful photos taken that are a work of art, and they serve the author as a permanent souvenir from the vacation in Dalmatia.

Departing from Zadar, a city less than two hours drive from Split, a very popular photo safari tour is happening along the Zrmanja river flow that ends in Novigrad sea, a very picturesque and unusually beautiful area. Driving in a SUV and also starting from Zadar, it would be possble to enjoy exporing Velebit – the mountain and nature’s park – that apart from being a national symbol of Croatia, is well known for it’s endemic plant species – the Velebit degenia.

South of Split a very popular safari route would be by a boat along the flow of the Neretva river, a river that is well known for its fertile plains, and diverse plant and animal life.

In the further inland region a very popular SUV safari route is the one that includes the field of Livno, the exploration of the Cincar mountain, a very well known – still preserved – habitat of the wild horses in this part of Europe.

In the area closest to Split, Cetina river is very popular due to it’s interesting flow, beautiful canyons and interesting nature motifs on almost every corner.

The most diverse photo safari tour is one taking place in Dalmatian Zagora, presenting the area still not touristic-ally exposed. This tour involves exploring the wilderness of the Dinara, Svilaja and Kamesnica mountains, a part of the Cetina river flow and beautiful and unusual bays of Peruca lake.

When we’re talking about the sea photo safari in the water around Split, quite popular are the visits to the Blue cave on Bisevo island, Stiniva bay on Vis, Zarace bay on and Potonji Dol on Hvar, Maslinica on Solta, the BLue lagoon – Krknjasi on island Drvenik Veli. Quite often, a photo safari tour is combined with half day or full day trips and – especially in the summer season – you get the best of both worlds – enjoyin the nature’s beauty by photographing them and sunbathing and swimming on the same locations.