Perun is a hill located near the Adriatic sea coastline, spreaded from Zrnovnica to the delta of the river Cetina near Omiš, in a 17 kilometers long line. The tallest hill peak is called Kriz (The Cross) and it is on 533 meters above the sea level. The hill was named after the old Slavic deity Perun, the god of the thunder and lightning, the supreme god. The hill is covered with broom plant (Spartium junceum), an there are unusually many oak trees as well.

The hill is quite attractive to many mountaineering enthusiasts, as from the Cross hill top a fantastic panoramic view is offered, overlooking places like Omis, Podstrana, Split and the rest of the riviera. On the 441 meters above the sea level there is a very old church of St. George that is built before the 9th century.