The Mosor mountain in Dalmatia, together with Kozjak is one of the two in the Split city area, is 25 kilometers long and has three most popular peaks, very attractive for hiking and trekking: Veliki Kabal (1339 m high), very popular Vickov stup (1325 m) and Sv. Jure (1319 m), that aslo has a chapel of the same name. The mountain is located near the sea and is laid out from Split to Omiš.

It is supposed that the mountain was named by combining two old Illyric words – “mol” for a hill and “sol” for source. Old Illyrians, that were inhabiting these parts, were mostly working with livestock and in the fields, and it is believed that he mountain was to them the source of all they needed – parts of the land that they could work on, pastures and water.

Mosor has the mountain climate, and there are many plant and animal life species that one may encounter there. Among them, most popular would be the endemic lizard species siply called the Mosor lizzard (Lacerta mosorensis).

Even though it is made of limestone, the mountain has a few water springs, and there are many caves and pits. One of them that is most popular is the Vranjača cave, a place worth of visiting, for your half-day trips.