Jadro is a river that springs at the base of the Mosor mountain near Klis, on 35 metres aboce sea level, has a flow 4,5 kilometres long, goes trough the Solin town and flows into the Adriatic sea.

During the course of history the river had an important role being the souce of drinkable water – before the time of the greek colony and contionuing to present day. Jadro river is source of warter for the nearby cities Split, Solin, Kastela and Trogir. Even the emperor Diocletian, that grew up in Salona and decided to build a palace in location that now is Split, has decided to build an aqueduct that brings the Jadro water into the palace.

Close to the place where Jadro has a joining stream, the St. Elijah, there is the Hollow church (Šuplja crkva) in which the croatian king Zvonimir was crowned in the 11th century. In the lower part of the river, it divides in two around the island of Our Lady of the Island with the church of Our Lady of the Island, where Pope John Paul II held a sermon in 1998.
The island and the surrounding area is a fantastic place to have a nice and relaxing walk and spend time with family and friends.

The upper part of the river stream is protected as a natural preserve of the endemic trout species (Salmothymus obtusirostris salonitana), and nearby there is another natural rarity in this region – a swamp cypress (Taxodium distichum) more than 90 years old and more than 25 metres high, protected as a monument of nature. In history the river Jadro had many mills, but today there’s only one through which the river actually runs. It is the Gašpina mlinica from the 18th century that is open for visits and has a presentational display of the customs and the way of life through the years passed.