Hvar is the longrest of all the islands in the Middle Dalmatia, fourth Adriatic island by size and located south of Split. The highest peak is at 628 metres above sea level called St. Nicholas.
The locals have a lot of wineyards, olivetree gardens and lavender fields that they’re working in, an many of them afre fishermen as well.

The island was inhabited 6000 years ago and many ceramic items have been found on the island from that age. In the times of ancient Greece there was a colony on the island called Pharos, and in the course of the centuries the today’s name of the island developed, just as the name of the island’s biggest town.

Biggest town on Hvar, well known for it’s fortress callef Fortica, dating from the 16th century, the cathedral, the Arsenal and the theatre (The buildding was initially a warehouse for the galliots, and in the 17th century a theatre was opened in the building’s first floor. This is the oldest public theatre in Balkans.) The Franciscans monastery from the 15th and Benedictine monastery from the 17th century are also valuable historic monuments.
Hvar today is also known as the St. Tropez of Croatia because of the many celebrities that visited the town and numerous accomodation facilities.

The oldest city in Croatia, well known for the Petar Hektorovic fortified medieval house with it’s fishery called Tvrdalj from the end of the 15th century, and the church of St. Stephen. The Starigrad field nearby is known for the well preserved land registry division system with pahtways and stone fences. The field and the historic part of the Starigrad city have been put under the UNESCO protection as a world heritage site.

Of other things worth mentioning to anyone planning to visit the island, numerous beaches, one of the nicest being in Zavala and on Pakleni islands, on Jerolim (nudists beaches) and Klement, as well as in Pokonji Dol.

There is also the Grapčeva cave near Humac  where the archaeological remains were found – the pottery dating back to neolithic.

Among the most popular activities offered on the island we should mention biking, as the island is fairly big and very long, , having good road connections among the towns and villages.

For the people appreciating good wine and food, we should mention that here is a very roog selection of wine on the island, among which probably most popular being the Zlatan Plavan and Zlatan Otok. Make sure to try the gregada, a sort of a potato and fish stew that is prepared on the island.