Hotel Slavija, a friend of nature

We feel an obligation to present the area in which we live to every guest, the part of our county that we truly love, so we decided to show on these pages that, beside magnificent structures, buildings and cultural heritage, wider Split  area is still covered with a veil of mystery.
The mountains whose peaks offer a breathtaking view, the rivers that calm the spectator’s mind with their clarity, or the islands that steal away one’s heart with their unique character… This is Split that we want you to get to know.Guided by the proverb that “We did not inherit the planet Earth from our ancestors, but we’ve borrowed it from our children”, we decided to reward all the nature lovers who send us an inquiry or a request for reservation, and who have membership cards of the mountaineering clubs and associations, or other associations connected to nature and it’s protection or appreciation. We offer special discounts on the standard accomodation prices.

Note: if you do not have experience in mountain climbing or hiking, you definitely should contact us on and we’ll gladly forward the contacts of the mountaineering and local mountain guide associations of the areas you want to visit.