The Adriatic sea, being one of the shallower seas, and very suitable for sports fishing, is divided into five fishing zones. Split and the nearby islands are a part of the South Dalmatia fishing zone, the one that more than any other offers different possibilities of catching fish. Also, in regards to types of fishing, most popular would be fishing from the shore, boat angling and big game fishing in the open seas.

Fishing in the coastal line is by far the most fruitful, and experience has shown that it is unfortunately least successful to fish on the southern south of Hvar island, as it obviously does not have enough bays, shallow water and muddy or sandy underwater pastures.

In the beautiful scenery of the Adriatic coast, going from Split towards Makarska and Dubrovnik, just next to Brela, there is the bay called Vrulja, known for it’s underwater freshwater springs, that is very attractive to sea basses and sea breams and which are caught there very often. In the waters around the island Vis one would be successful in hunting for octopuses, while the waters surrounding Brač promise the best chance to catch a lobster.

If you would like to try out the big game fishing in the open sea, a tuna, shark, swordfish or an amberjack may be a result of a successful adventure.

The inland area around the Sinj city enjoys big success and interest among many for the possibilities of flyfishing for trouts on the Cetina river. The intact nature and the sound of the river flow offers peace and a no-stress experience for those who are already in, or would want to try flyfishing.