biokovo 3Biokovo is a mountain in the middle part of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea. On the geographic maps Biokovo is presented as a mountain chain from river Cetina to the Neretva river. However, among the people that name is used for the high mountain crest starting from the Dupci saddle (288 m above sea level) on the nortwest to the low transversal belt between Mala Vrulja and Osoj. Further on the southeast there is the mountain Rilić (1115 m). Within those boundaries Bikovo is 36 km long and 9.5 km wide. With the St. Jure peak (1762 m), Biokovo is the tallest mountain on the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast. Other peaks are: St. Ilija  (1642m) to the northwest, Kimet (1536 m) to the southeast, and right above Makarska town there’s the Vošac (1422 m). Biokovo has changed quite a few names troughout history that were created in centuries passed by the Greek, Latin and Croatian cultures. The names are Adrion, Mons Slavorum and Biokovo.

In the following text Biokovo is described and viewed trough the eyes of a mountains and mountaing climbing enthusiasts:
Zlatko Smerke “The rocks of Biokovo impress me. Considering the fact that they’re located away from the cities where mountaineering is well developed, they have relatively few visitors, even though they do not deserve that. Every mountaineer that visits them even once will soon return to find a true mountaineer’s fullfillment.”
Stipe Božić, in his book “Seven peaks” on Biokovo, wrote “The Biokovo mountain is one lovable virgin, in wront of whose beauty you kneel in silence, and the next time it threatens you with whathful and perilous maleficence. The cause for this may not always be the season of the year, as in wintertime the mountain may put on an innocent white snow coat, giving is beauty a universal tone, that only poets may be able to properly describe. However, in a nick of time, that heavenly beauty may be turned into a diabolic wind orgy that will not allow a living being to survive without a shelter. During the hot hour of the day on the beaches of Makarska riviere, an ignorant person probably cannot even imagine that biokovoat the same moment, on the Biokovo heights, only 2 hours walking from the base of the mountain, a true alpine storm may be unleashed.